Shitty Bill

"Shitty" Bill

Shitty Bill is a character who is named shitty because he pooped himself when he's a little guy according to bubbles. He starts out a somewhat grumpy character but in Season 7 sort of helps out the boys and is good friends with Bubbles and Ray

Season 5Edit

He is first seen when the boys need help and Bubbles says his friend Shitty Bill can hook up the truck and he tells them not to call him "Shitty Bill." In the next scene he is called Shitty, implying that he does not want to be called Bill.

Trailer Park Boys The MovieEdit

He is seen when the boys first come back to Sunnyvale since 16 months with alot of Mayhem going on in the park and you can see Shitty Bill fighting against a big dog with someone trying to help him get it away.

Season 6Edit

He is only frequently seen talking to Ray and walking around the park taking frequent dumps.

Season 7Edit

Despite the fact that he seems like a guy who just plays with trains and such he is good friends with Bubbles and Ray. Bubbles doesn't want to do crimes with the boys anymore and starts a train hobby with "Shitty" Bill and Ray. Later Shitty Bill helps the boys by carrying the cigarettes back to Sunnyvale helping them out and Lahey fires his gun at his truck making Shitty yell at him to get out of his way.


His origins started way back when he was friends with Bubbles and they were both little guys and Shitty Bill had an accident by shitting himself thus creating the nickname.

Criminal ActivityEdit

While in most of the episodes he's in he just plays wih model trains and hangs out with Ray and sometimes Bubbles as they seem to be really good friends but in the final episodes of Season 7 he hauls Ricky, Julian and Bubbles cigarettes bringing it back to the park making them rich in the season finale.


During his original introduction, Bubbles indicates that Bill does not like to be refereed to as "Shitty Bill", warning Ricky not to call him this. However, Bubbles calls Bill "Shitty" about 3 seconds after saying this.The rest of the Trailer Park residents continuously call him this. What's interesting is that they always call him Shitty, but no one ever calls him "Bill" and very rarely call the full name. Implying that is not the "Shitty" part of the name he objects to, but "Bill".