The Airstream is an old, portable trailer with no fixed address inside of the Sunnyvale Trailer Park that was used by Ricky, Julian and Bubbles for their Freedom 35 dope operation. The Airstream was known to be cream colored and to be in poor condition before the boys got ahold of it, with Ricky remarking that it looks like a spaceship.

The Airstream was discovered by Sarah who suggested to Ricky, Julan and Bubbles that it be used to grow the dope, thereby getting the dope out of Julian's trailer and into a secured location that could also be expanded for the increased demand the prison guards had been calling in. ("Jim Lahey Is A Drunk Bastard") The boys were able to acquire the Airstream when Julian was able to convince Mr. Lahey that he would break Randy and Lucy up, as well as ensuring he would win the Sunnyvale Trailer Park Supervisor Election. ("Jim Lahey Is A Drunk Bastard") Shortly after Mr. Lahey and Julian signed a lease agreement, Ricky, Julian and Sarah began moving in the dope and the dope growing equipment into the Airstream. ("Jim Lahey Is A Drunk Bastard")

Sometime after the boys had moved the Freedom 35 dope operation to the Airstream, it became infested with Spider Mites, endangering the entire dope crop, save for eight plants that had not been infected. ("I've Met Cats And Dogs Smarter Than Cory And Trevor") The boys were able to save the entire crop save for the eight plants they had moved out of the Airstream, by releasing a shoebox full of Lady Bugs into the Airstream. ("A Dope Trailer Is No Place For A Kitty")

The Airstream was targeted by Hampton and Tanya after Tanya discovered (thanks to an attack from the Bottle Kids) that Julian was guarding the Freedom 35 dope operation. While Tanya distracted Julian, Hampton stole all of the dope, leaving behind only some of the equipment used in the operation. The Airstream once again became the home of the dope operation after the boys were able to recover their dope from Hampton and Tanya at the Slick Pimp's parking lot. ("The Bible Pimp")

The dope operation was moved from the Airstream when Mr. Lahey and Randy set up an elaborate sting operation and convinced Ricky and Julian that the cops were on their way to the Airstream with a search warrant. After the ruse had been made clear and the boys were able to avoid going to jail, the dope was moved back, and Treena was informed she shouldn't hang around the Airstream while the dope was still around. ("Never Trust A Man With No Shirt On")

After the Freedom 35 dope operation was completed, Ricky acquired some new clones instead of getting rid of the dope growing equipment, causing a rift to form between Julian and Ricky for a short time. The Airstream had to be removed from the park, thanks to Ricky's new dope to prevent the cops from discovering the dope and arresting Julian and Ricky. It had later caught on fire due to Bubbles trying to avoid running over a kitty in the road, causing the dope to burn up, but inflicting five hundred dollars damage, which Julian was responsible for and paid it off in the opener of Season 3. ("The Bare Pimp Project") Mr. Lahey had earlier attempted move the Airstream closer to his trailer, using a loophole he found in the agreement in which the Airstream had no fixed address listed. ("The Bare Pimp Project")