Bernie Sanford (played by Miles Meile) is the president of the IATPTPSATPS (The International Association of Trailer Parks, Trailer Park Supervisors and Assistant Trailer Park Supervisors).

Bernie was summoned to Sunnyvale when Jim Lahey was nominated for the Trailer Park Supervisor of the Year award. With his entourage, Bernie was led to believe Jim was still the supervisor, when in fact it was Ricky. Throughout the day, Barbara Lahey and Jim kept up the lie, right up until the party ran into Ricky at Sunnyvale's Community Day celebration. Ricky resented being overlooked as the supervisor and had a verbal altercation with Bernie after Ricky urinated on Bernie's car in protest.

After that, an impromptu tag team wrestling match was set up for the title of supervisor; Jim/Randy versus Ricky/Bubbles (as the Green Bastard). Randy and Jim cheated and won, claiming the title and Jim was bestowed the award and a new car. Ricky, angered by these events, overturned Bernie's car with a backhoe and the entourage quickly left the park.