Bobby seen racing his RC car before Ricky destroys it.

Bobby is a young child that lives in or around the Sunnyvale Trailer Park and is known for throwing bags of garbage around the park.


Season 2Edit

He is first seen in Season 2 throwing garbage bags in the street carelessly. Notably while Ricky is driving in the park, but fails to hit his car.

Season 6Edit

The last Bobby is seen during the television series is in Season 6. He is not throwing full garbage bags, however, he is seen contently playing with a remote controlled car until Ricky recklessly and relentlessly drives over and destroys it to see Lucy.

Trailer Park Boys: The MovieEdit

Bobby makes most of his appearances during Trailer Park Boys: The Movie. He is first seen throwing garbage bags at unsuspecting kids riding bicycles. He is later seen throwing the garbage at Ricky's car and successfully hitting it, unlike back in Season 2.

Criminal ActivityEdit

It is unknown whether or not that Bobby commits any other criminal activity accept for vandalism and assault, with his usual "throwing garbage". 

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