Bootleg Vodka
Bootleg Vodka
is one of Julian's business schemes in which a boatload of illegal Russian vodka was sold to residents of Sunnyvale Trailer Park. The operation was funded by the last of Julian's money from Freedom 35 and also involved Cory and Trevor. Like many other operations of the boys, the bootleg vodka operation ended in failure after the vodka was spilled onto the ground.


The operation was funded by Julian who used his last 10,000 dollars from the Freedom 35 payoff to purchase a large amount of vodka from Russians that J-Roc knew. ("Temporary Relief Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor")

The OperationEdit

Shortly after their release, Julian goes in with J-Roc to purchase a boatload of Russian vodka, which he then sells around the park using Cory and Trevor to make deliveries. Ricky gets hired as the new Assistant Supervisor and stumbles across the operation, ordered by Jim Lahey to put a stop to it. The cops are tipped off and in an attempt to hide the vodka, Julian pours the remaining bottles into a plastic wading pool. In the end, Ricky chooses his loyalty to Julian over the job and is fired by Jim, and a scuffle between him and Randy lands them in the pool, sullying the liquor, and putting an end to the operation. ("Temporary Relief Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor")