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Channel 10
is a local television station in the area of the Sunnyvale Trailer Park, and were known to cover local events throughout the area in and around Sunnyvale. Ricky had at one point, known some of the employees of the station as they had once purchased weed off of him. They were also known to do just bout anything for a small amount of weed, and once covered an election at the Sunnyvale Trailer park for ten ounces of BC hydro. ("Jim Lahey Is A Drunk Bastard") Steve Rogers, an anchor announced the winner of the trailer park supervisor election. ("Jim Lahey Is A Drunk Bastard")

Steve Rogers and channel 10 were later doing segments on local businesses, and visited the Sunnyvale Trailer Park at the behest of Cory and Trevor for their convenience store, as well as Ricky's Used Shit and Bubbles's Kittyland Love Centre. ("High Definition Piss Jugs") Other than Barb, the people seem to forget he was the one who hosted the Trailer Park Supervisor Election in Season 2 probably because they have their own businesses they want to advertise.

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