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Detroit Velvet Smooth

Detroit Velvet Smooth

as he is known, (played by Garry James) is a Moncton rapper who first appeared on the scene responding to a call from Jim Lahey. J-Roc's latest album 'borrowed' (or cross-promoted) several tracks from his CD and also used his likeness on the cover, both without permission. He travels to the park to seek retribution and faces off with J-Roc ("Who's The Microphone Assassin?"). That situation is ultimately defused, and DVS becomes manager to both J-Roc and Tyrone ("Never Cry Shitwolf").

DVS more or less disappears later on without much explanation.


Season 3Edit

DVS first appears mid-way through Season 3 in the episode Who's The Microphone Assassin? When Lahey warns him about J-Roc pirating his music and he shows up interrupting J-Roc's concert by firing off his gun. He later apologizes and joins J-Roc's Roc Pile and manages his rap career all throughout Season 3.

Season 4Edit

He was still playing a fairly big role in the career management game, as seen in in the episode Rub 'n' Tiz'zug where he tries to convince J-Roc to be arrested to further his 'rep'. J-Roc succeeds but only for the short term, as in the episode If You Love Something, Set It Free (Episode) it's found out the entire crew has been hiding under J-Roc's trailer after J-Roc was only sentenced to community service.

Season 5Edit

DVS is still managing J-Roc`s career and is involved in the 'grocery ganking' operation, but mysteriously disappears halfway through the season with no real explanation given You Got To Blame The Thing Up Here (Episode).


DVS is the source of one of Ricky's malapropisms, when Ricky refers to him as "DVDT". This get the response of "that's DVS, motherfucker," from him.

Jail TimeEdit

None that we know of.

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