Dump Bees (anthophila dumpus) are a breed of flying insects closely related to regular honey bees and ants. They are distinguished by their pure desire to attack any other living organism (especially human squatters) who attempts to make the town dump their home. They swarm and sting their victims and harvest any trash that the victim has on his/her person. In season 6 of Trailer Park Boys, Ray lives in the dump in the sleeper of one of his old trucks from back in the 70's when he was a trucker and traveled the land far and wide. Ray and the boys are notably attacked by the horrible dump bees and Ricky is worried that if he continues to let his father live in the dump where he will be attacked by the bees, he may not survive. Ray states in a later episode (after his time in the dump) that while he was living in the dump he developed a good sense of hearing and said that "You got to. If you can't hear you don't survive in there. You gotta be on always listening for rats and snakes and fuckin' dump bees and squirrels. So uh, I developed this hearing." Ray's hearing abilities allowed him to counteract the dump bees long enough that he could survive his time in the dump. It's a simple concept of survival of the fittest. Had he not developed those really good hearing abilities, the dump bees may have swarmed him and stung him extensively to the point where he might not have survived. The bees then would have proceeded to harvest the trash from his living quarters for their hive. Dump bees are notable for building hives out of trash from the dump and they are very attracted to the alcoholic lifestyle. They love to attack dwellers who have alcohol such as liquor on their person. Since Ray exhibits qualities of both the alcoholic lifestyle and leaves trash like piss jugs laying around the area, the dump bees are especially attracted to him since he has both of their favorite substances.