Gary (played by Kim Dunn) is a mall security guard who is often at odds with the Boys, especially Bubbles, whose cart operation frequently interferes with Gary's duties. Gary is also seen as a liquor store clerk "The Delusions Of Officer Jim Lahey".




Season 2Edit

Gary appears in Episode One ("What in the Fuck Happened to Our Trailer Park?") as the head mall cop who stops Ricky and Julian from stealing car stereos but Ricky fools him. Later, Gary hires Ricky as a mall cop to help stop the (at the time, anonymous) cart thief. Julian plants a stolen car stereo in the trunk of Ricky's shitmobile to frame him, so that Ricky will lose his job and help Julian with Freedom 35. The framing ultimately works after Julian tells Gary that Ricky has a stolen car stereo in his trunk and convinces Gary to not call the cops but to take matters in his own hands. Gary finds the stolen car stereo in Ricky's trunk and fires him, but Ricky still blames Cory and Trevor for all the stolen carts.

Bubbles: He just waltzes in there, and becomes the king of the carts. What the fuck does he think I'm supposed to do? Go down to E.I. Hey there, yeah, I haul shopping carts out of ponds and sell them back to the store for a living, I've been doing it for eighteen years, so give me a fucking check please. That's not gonna fucking happen. I haven't been paying into U.I., E.I. or whatever the fuck they're calling it these days.

Season 3Edit

Gary makes a small appearance as a liquor store clerk.

Season 5Edit

Gary appears in the episode, "Dressed All Over And Zesty Mordant," again as the head of the mall security, and is angrier than ever over Bubbles' cart-stealing operation, going so far as to interrogate Bubbles and partly damaging his cart. Later in the episode, Julian comes to the mall and holds Gary and his security staff hostage with his gun, and forces them to throw the mall's carts over the fence, so that Bubbles can pick them up later.

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