'T'he Guards Vs Inmates Ball Hockey Tournament was Ricky's idea while all the guards and inmates were extremely bored in jail, Donny is especially 'jealous because Ricky thought of the idea' or so Ricky exclaims. It was said to be a best out of 3 hockey tournament but some games were left out. This is only the second time in the series a ball hockey game is seen as in Season 3 with Lahey in his police uniform the gang is playing hockey

Notable PlayersEdit

Although most inmates competed it was not mentioned nor suggested that Julian even had anything to do with the ball hockey tournament and didn't even mention it or seem to care about it probably because it was Ricky's ideas.

Ricky- He was the inmates goaltender, a good goaltender at that and appeared to be the captain of the team as well as when he's being taken out of prison he orders his team what to do during the game.

Dean- He is one of the better players of the inmate team who sends Ricky an envelope when he's gone.

Darren- He appears to be a very talented player as he got the winning goal for his team on the very last game and also appeared to take over the team when Ricky was taken out of Jail on a short notice.

Cadillac- Although he is seen drinking potato vodka with Julian and not with the team in the beginning at the end of the movie he can be seen as one of the characters playing against the guards.

Donny- He is really the only notable guard player that can outpower Ricky and clearly knows the inmates are better than him as he sees this and throws him out of the prison and turns everyone against Cadillac.

The SeriesEdit

Game 1Edit

Players:' Ricky, Dean, Darren, Donny (and possibly Cadillac) This game was not seen or mentioned but it is clear it must've been played between the time of when Ricky and Julian and thrown in jail for 18 months and the opening jail scene of the movie. The only info of the game was that the Guards had won the game leaving the inmates morale down.

Game 2Edit

Players: Ricky, Darren, Cadillac (Dean and Donny were seen having drinks during the game)

This game was being seen ending at the start of the movie with Donny staring at Ricky in net doing a good job with donny trying to distract him by yelling irritating names and insults towards him. The inmates won this game.

Game 3Edit

Players: Dean, Darren, Donny

This game was played shortly after Ricky was thrown out of jail along with Julian and the teams morale was extremely down. But thanks to Ricky's words of advice personally to the players they overcame and won the game.

Game 4Edit

Players: Dean, Darren, Donny

This game was played between the events of when Ricky was thrown out of jail and when Dean, Darren and the others sent Ricky and envelope 'hoping he got arrested again' meaning he could come back. Ricky's words of advice clearly didn't last as long as thought as the inmates were clearly smoked in this game.

Game 5Edit

Players: Ricky, Darren, Dean, Donny, possibly Julian and Cadillac

With Cory and Trevor watching this game as well the game seemed to be the most seat lifting as Ricky even as an amazing goalie was having troubles and Trevor claims if it weren't for him they would've lost. The 'turning point' in the game was when Dean got a break away and passed it over to Darren the teams best player and he faked a slapshot and got one in with a back hander winning the game and Cory & Trevor end up pantsing Donny.


The inmates won the tournament and the respect of the Guards as well as proper treatment they had deserved and the guards had finally disrespected and quit following orders from Donny as he was a major part of why they lost with his constant whining. Both Guards and Inmates can be seen lighting a smoke for Trevor after the two pants Donny. It had been suggested at the start by Ricky that it would become an annual thing possibly but as the Ball Hockey Tournament was never even suggested again it's clear that it was not worth mentioning in the future or just not carried out by the Guards and Inmates.


The Delusions Of Officer Jim Lahey (Episode)

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie (Movie)

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