Jacob, and his signature 'Baaaaaam' (click image for animated gif).

Come on dad, give us a bam.


Jacob Collins (played by Jacob Rolfe) is a recurring character that throughout the series in various unimportant roles until he came to live at the trailer park with his dad, Philadelphia Collins.

I told my dad to fuck off and that you’re my friends, that’s how I roll now.

–Jacob talking to Ricky and Julian

Background Edit

Jacob's appearances are sporadic at first, usually at some meager job that comes into Ricky and Julian's circle of influence. Each time he is seen, it is in a different place, and he has stated on one occasion that he is tired of getting fired because his store is robbed by Ricky or Julian.

(Partial) List Of Jacob's First Appearances Edit

* a convenience store clerk. He gets robbed by both Ricky and Cyrus in the same 5-minute period ("Take Your Little Gun And Get Out Of My Trailer Park").

* a student. Cyrus forces him to write the answers to the grade 10 exam on the back of his neck so that he can copy his answers, thus causing both him and Cyrus to fail ("The Bare Pimp Project").

* a gas station attendant. Ricky does a gas'n'go, and Julian bribes him not to call the cops a few minutes later ("A Shit Leopard Can't Change Its Spots").

* a hardware store clerk. Julian steals tools and supplies for making a hash driveway ("Rub N Tiz'zug").

* an amateur wrestler. He wrestles Trevor at Sunnyvale's Community Day ("The Green Bastard").

* a grocery store clerk. He is brought by the cops to verify that J-Roc is the one that he has seen gankin' groceries ("Jim Lahey Is A Fuckin' Drunk And He Always Will Be").
movie theatre clerk. The boys rob him while they're doing The Big Dirty (Trailer Park Boys: The Movie (Movie) ).

Jacob Joins The Crew Edit

Jacob is not referred to by his surname until later episodes when it is revealed that he is one of Philadelphia Collins' sons. We see him working in a pizza shop where Julian has also procured employment as deliveryman ("I Fuckin' Miss Cory And Trevor") and then Jacob and Phil move into the park in their camper ("I Banged Lucy And Knocked Her Up... No Big Deal").

From this point on, Jacob begins to see Julian as a role model, dressing and acting like him, and even drinking from a glass in a similar fashion, although it is pointed out once that while Julian is drinking some form of alcohol and cola, Jacob is drinking cola without alcohol; later, Julian shares or fixes his alcoholic beverage with Jacob. While looking for jail cover, the boys recruit him and two nameless (and apparently voiceless) student associates, which Jacob says are his 'boys', from the grounds of the local vocational school. They are groomed in the roles left absent by Cory and Trevor, in which Ricky soon calls the two boys "The Alien Trevors", and tasked with the initial work on The Swayzie Express operation: sent into the wilderness near the Canada/US border to lay the train track that will transport Ricky's pot to Sebastian Bach ("The Mustard Tiger") .

Evidently, Julian is somewhat honoured by the fact that Jacob has remodeled his persona after him, and allows himself to get a bit attached to Jacob. But Ricky warns him that they are just jail cover and to get his priorities straight. Jacob is eager to please, so eager that even when the mission becomes life-threatening, he refuses to let the boys down. Hungry and dehydrated, their only consumables being food they find in the forest along the way, a few pieces of licorice and dry cereal they refer to as "Shreddies" Ricky gave them, they complete all the work on the track before they commit themselves to their fate. They are eventually rescued by the boys when Julian becomes worried beyond the deadline he set for the mission and sets out to find them ( "We Can't Call People Without Wings Angels So We Call Them Friends").

After the events that ensue, Jacob becomes romantically involved with Sarah. Jacob is also involved in the Country Dirty Dancing operation, but only acting as a doorman and bouncer, and not as anything illegal ("Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys"). In fact, the only time he is ever in trouble with the law is when he is arrested with his father selling liquor without a license at The Dirty Burger camper in a questionable area of town (Trailer Park Boys: Countdown To Liquor Day).

During the events of "Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It", Jacob had already begun a career in the military, as he appears at Ray's wake in a camouflage uniform. However, because he was Julian's assistant in the operation to steal and sell urine from his army base for clean drug tests, he was dishonorably discharged.

Life Following Season 8 Edit

In season 8-9, Jacob has taken the place of Trevor since Cory's arrival back at Sunnyvale without Trevor. Jacob works for Julian as stated in Season 8 Episode 1 "Money Can Suck My Cock" while Cory works for Ricky, but they both work together on the same projects despite working for two different people.

In Season 8 Episode 3 "The Dirty Dancer", it is announced that Trinity and Jacob are dating and Trinity is pregnant with Jacobs child. During the rest of Season 8, Jacob tries to prove to Ricky that he will be a good father and boyfriend to Trinity and the baby, but he frequently gets arrested with Cory for reasons such as shoplifting and stealing Goldfish from a wishing well in an Oriental Restaurant, and never fails to constantly disappoint Ricky with his irresponsibility and stupidity.


Ricky, Lucy, Jacob and Trinity after the birth of Baby Ray (later known as "The Motel")

In Season 9, Trinity gives birth a baby boy, Baby Ray (The Motel) and Jacob asks Ricky if he can propose to Trinity for him before getting arrested at the end of Season 9 with a Cubic Zirconium that he purchased from Eons. Trinity says yes and it is stated that they are planning a wedding with Cory as Jacobs best man.

Characterization Edit

Jacob has always been considered a person who is easily manipulated and influenced. His many appearances at different retail which were robbed by the boys are evidence of this. Julian was able to bribe Jacob into letting Ricky off the hook for a gas and go, for example. ("A Shit Leopard Can't Change Its Spots") Additionally, he began to idolize Julian, emulating his mannerisms and even dressing like him. ("The Mustard Tiger") This made him an excellent choice for a lackey to replace Cory and Trevor upon their departure.
Jacob s1e1

Jacob in the pilot.

However, unlike Cory or Trevor, Jacob seems to be able to evolve and learn and his skills to seem to improve over time. Once paired with Cory, Jacob sees himself as the smarter of the two ("The Super-Duper-Industrial-Bubbles-Honey-Oil-Inater"). He begins to assert himself more and more and becomes less awkward than his previous self. Once it is learned that he and Trinity are to have a child together, Jacob appears to step up and take more stock in himself in order to be a good father and partner for his new family.

Jail Times Edit

A Shit River Runs Through It - 6 months

Trailer Park Boys: Countdown To Liquor Day - 1 month

Orangie's Pretty Fuckin' Tough - In jail until the court hearing, reappears in Season 8 Episode "Community Service and "A Boner Made with Love""

Crawling Through the Shit Pipe - It is unclear how long, but it is assumed that Jacob and Cory spent a lesser sentence than Julian and Ricky

The Liquor Snurf - 6 weeks