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Exterior view

Julian's Sports Bar and Gym is Julian's new operation for season 8. He says he doesn't need a liquor license as all drinks are free and customers make donations in a bucket. Bubbles found the legal loophole for Julian. The bar is soon made into a strip club and rebranded "The Dirty Dancer" for the remainder of season 8. In season 9, Julian returns from jail to find Barbara has turned the bar into a spa.

Trinity works in the bar as a cocktail waitress.

Trinity season 8

Trinity, cocktail waitress


The Dirty Dancer Edit

In "The Dirty Dancer," Julian recruits Sarah, along with J-Roc and his crew to turn the bar into a strip club. Julian sends Cory and Jacob to steal poles for the stages, Sarah recruits dancers and J-Roc provides live music. Bubbles names the club The Dirty Dancer, a reference to Julian's love of the movie Dirty Dancing referenced in earlier episodes. Julian reluctantly accepts the name. The club is a huge success, and Sarah and Tyrone soon become Julian's most trusted employees. The change to a strip club pays off, in "Whore-A-Geddon" Julian makes over $4200 after hosting Steve Rogers' stag party, using the strippers as prostitutes.

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