Description Edit

Linda is J-Roc's mom played by Linda Busby.

Character Background Edit

Linda owns J-Rocs trailer till at least season 3.

Origins Edit

Linda was first seen in "Mr. Lahey's Got my Porno Tape" .She and Jim Lahey broke up J-Roc's porno shot for "From Russia with the Love Bone".

Living Arrangements Edit

As of season 3 she owned the trailer that she and J-Roc live in.

Love Life Edit

To give J-Roc a boost of confidence, she claimed she liked black guys, alluding to the "possibility" of J-Roc being black.

Criminal Activity Edit


Characterization Edit

Linda supports her son, by purchasing him dj gear for presents. However she is not as confident he'll make it in the rap game.

"Jamie! How many 29 year old record company presidents operate out of their mom's trailer? You know what I'm sayin?"

Linda to J-Roc

Chronology Edit

"Mr. Lahey's Got my Porno Tape" Season 1

"Who's the Microphone Assassin?" Season 3

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