Mitch MC Flurry

Mitch "MC Flurry" Makes his first cameo in Season 9 Episode 2 "A Stable Fucking Environment"

Mitch Who's rapper persona is Mc Flurry (Played by Rasheed Montgomery) is J-Roc's supposed son who makes his first cameo appearance in Season 9 Episode 2 "A Stable Fucking Environment"

Cameo Appearance Edit

Mitch was first introduced to the show in Season 9 Episode 2 "A Stable Fucking Environment". He made his appearance when J-Roc, Julian and Bubbles were trying to make some quick cash by selling Roc Vodka in a local park. Bubbles ventures off on his own route where he's approached by Mitch and his friend who is unnamed aggressively with "Bust me a pint of liquor, bitch!" Bubbles laughs it off with "I don't think you're the legal drinking age". Mitch's comeback "Are you in the legal getting knocked the fuck out age?" with his friend cheering him on. Bubbles reacts with "Jesus Murphy, how old are you?" Mitch's response is "How old is your momma's titties?" His friend stops him to say "Woah, that's just cold." Bubbles shoe's them away and they leave with a "We out! Googly eyed bitch!" Bubbles is appalled by the children's language and tells Julian and J-Roc that they "Verbally bitch-slapped" him.

Later on in the episode, J-Roc notices Mitch and his friend on a playground with a microphone toy rapping "I'm hard as fuck, bitch" with children and parents present, yet all seem to enjoy it. J-Roc tells the Roc Pile "He's actually aight, na'mean?"

Paternity Announcement Edit

Mitch and Mother

Mitch's mother drops him off with J-Roc to become an Ontario "Reality TV Star"

In Season 9 Episode 5 "The Motel Can't Live at The Motel", J-Roc is partying in his party bus with the Roc Pile and he is approached by a woman that he has a hard time recalling her name or remembering who she is, but remembers Mitch from the park. The woman says to him "This is Mitch. Mitch, this is your father Jamie." J-Roc's jaw drops while Mitch's reaction was "This mayonnaise colored ma'fucker? Hell no!" His mother quickly hands J-Roc his belongings and say's she's off to Ontario to become a Reality TV star and vanishes. His mother is not seen for the rest of season 9 and she is still unnamed.

Mannerisms Edit

Mitch appears to have strong feelings of resentment towards J-Roc through the majority of Season 9 and has a hard time accepting J-Roc as a father figure. He often throws around colorful insults and racist remarks regarding him being white. Although J-Roc tends to put up with his abuse, he still makes various attempts to bond with Mitch such as driving him and his friend to school, packing him healthy lunches and getting involved in his rap battles. Mitch seems to always find away to shut down J-Roc's attempt at fathering him. Mitch immediately bonds to Tyrone and The Roc Pile, mainly because Tyrone and The Roc Pile are other men of color. Mitch looks up to Tyrone like a father more than J-Roc, and J-Roc eventually grows jealous and frustrated by it.

Mitch is quick to insult almost everyone on first resort, no matter if the person is nice or rude. He commonly insults not only J-Roc, but other people such as Cory and Jacob, Bubbles and Barbara Lahey.

Family Acceptance Edit

In season 9 Episode 6 "Sweet Liquory Load", J-Roc eventually gets frustrated with Mitch's attitude and decides to discipline him for disobeying his orders. Tyrone feels bad about it and directs Mitch to do what J-Roc says, this is when things start to slowly but surely turn around positively for J-Roc and Mitch.

In season 9 Episode 7 "Piss" J-Roc and Mitch are rolling fake crack in attempt to screw over the park appraisal. J-Roc tells Mitch that he doesn't want him to follow in his footsteps and go to jail, and wants him to have a good life. Mitch asks him if he's even seen crack or been to jail, and J-Roc tells them that he has. Mitch somehow respects J-Roc a little more after he tells him the story about shoving Officer Victor Daniels and being arrested for it. Mitch promises J-Roc that he wont go to jail.

In Season 9 Episode 9 "Sam-Squamptches and Heli-Cock Suckers" J-Roc's party bus breaks down with The Roc Pile and a group of elderly folk on board, and Cory and Jacob are unable to fix it. Mitch as expected insults them with a joke and told them to "Get the fuck off the bus and let me and my old man do the job, we ain't dumb bitch!". J-Roc is stunned and asks him if he just called him his old man, Mitch says yes and doesn't mean any disrespect. J-Roc is almost in tears and shares his excitement with the party bus. This is when Mitch and J-Roc finally establish their bond as father and son.

Controversy & Fan Theory Edit

It is not clear whether a paternity test was done between J-Roc and Mitch. Considering J-Roc does not remember Mitch's mother, it is unclear whether Mitch is J-Roc's biological son. Another theory is that Mitch is "Too black" to be J-Roc's biological son.

Another fan theory is that Mitch is one of the infant sons from the earlier seasons of Trailer Park Boys produced by Mark Clattenburg.

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