For the recurring character, see 'Phil Collins.

Phil is the owner of a hydroponics store that Ricky liked to shop at, and was known to sell equipment on credit where the buyer would pay Phil off at a later date. Pretending to be a legitimate businessman, Phil had a particular dislike for Ricky, who owed him money from a prior purchase. No longer caring for (or perhaps trusting) Ricky, Phil refused to sell Ricky any equipment and demanded he leave the store. Upset, Ricky and Phil got into a physical altercation which Julian attempted to break up, only to be followed by the Film Crew. Thinking this was part of a drug bust, Phil demanded to know who the film crew was (and what the hell they were doing there) and brandished a weapon, firing off several shots. After the situation was resolved, Phil banned Ricky from the store, forbidding him from ever coming back ("Mr. Lahey's Got My Porno Tape").