Phil collins

Philadelphia Collins

"You lookin' at my gut?"

-Phil Collins

Philadelphia "Phil" Collins (played by Richard Collins) is most notable in the series for his large role in season seven as the owner/operator of The Dirty Burger, a partnership venture with Randy. Richard Collins died on April 15, 2013, during the final days of production on Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It.

Character History Edit

In some of the early episodes of the show, Phil was positioned as an onlooker of events that were taking place in the foreground, but eventually his role became more involved. Phil's first major appearance was as the motel manager from whom the boys were stealing furniture. The events mainly centered around the size of Phil's gut and the fact that people couldn't stop looking at it, even though they were in the middle of a heist and trying to hide it ("Rub N Tiz'zug").

Later, Phil appeared tohave a job as a taxi driver ("Give Peace A Chance"). On one occasion he found himself him in the position of human shield as Ricky used him as a barricade against Sam Losco's gun wielding ("Gimme My Fuckin' Money Or Randy's Dead").

At the beginning of Season 7, Phil has a solo operation selling mackerel and blueberries in the parking lot of a local plaza ("I Fuckin' Miss Cory And Trevor"). Phil then moved his camper into Sunnyvale with his son, which turns out to be Jacob, who had previously appeared in the show many times in bit parts with no familial connection to Phil made ("I Banged Lucy And Knocked Her Up... No Big Deal"). Shortly thereafter, he partnered up with Randy to transform the camper into the Dirty Burger and open it for business ("The Mustard Tiger").

Phil also has one other son, Thomas, who showed up at the park when Jacob went missing/went to work for Julian during the Swayzie Express operation ("The Mustard Tiger").

With all of these sons, there is no mention of a wife for Phil.


The first thing you notice about Phil is his large belly. We are then soon introduced to his ability to belch with some measure of forcefulness and length. This seems to be one of his trademarks, as he does it several times in the show's run. Those around him complain that his belches smell like mackerel and that particles of food tend to expel from him while belching ("Jim Lahey Is A Fuckin' Drunk And He Always Will Be", "Three Good Men Are Dead").

Real World View: Richard Collins revealed in an episode of Trailer Pod Boys that the belches heard on the show were in fact his own, but they were recorded separately and then overdubbed onto the sound track in post-production.

Phil is basically seen to be a good man, who is opposed to drugs and who says his boys (and his burgers) are all he has; he constantly berates Randy for being high ("We Can't Call People Without Wings Angels So We Call Them Friends").

It's clear that he feels a kinship with Randy due to their mutual love of burgers ("Jump The Cheeseburger"). However, although he's not opposed to a little physical confrontation or swearing as much as anyone else in the park ("The Mustard Tiger"), he doesn't involve himself in any of the criminal activity that is going on around him, and instead just goes about his business.

The character's name is a source of humour itself, as it's the same as the popular singer when shortened to Phil. Sam Losco calls him both 'Sussudio' and 'Easy Lover' (two Phil Collins hits) while holding him hostage for rent money on the camper ("Jump The Cheeseburger"). Similarly, his son Thomas, when shortened to Tom Collins, is the same name as a popular mixed drink made from carbonated water, sugar, lemon juice and gin, made famous in the late 1800s. His other son Jacob Collins shares his name with an American realist painter.

Jail TimesEdit

Trailer Park Boys: Countdown To Liquor Day (Movie)-1 Month


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"I can't give you boys a bam, but I can give ya a green eggs and haaaaaaaaam!!!!!"


"Why they bustin' Lahey's cock?"

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