The various shit metaphors are a series of descriptive terms most often coined by Mr. Lahey when speaking to, or referring to Ricky, Julian and Bubbles and sometimes other residents of the Sunnyvale Trailer Park as well as anyone else that may annoy or upset Lahey. It should be noted that other members of the Police Department have been witnessed using various shit metaphors as well. and that others such as Ricky and Randy have attempted to use them, much to the disdain of Mr. Lahey.

The ShitLingoEdit

  • Shitballs: When you keep getting hit by shit balls, you gotta get a shit bat.
  • Birds of a Shitfeather: One in the same.
  • Shitabyss: The abyss of shit. "...when a man stares into the Shitabyss...", Randy seems abhorrent of the term.
  • Shitapple: Trinity (Used in a similar manner of "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree") ("A Shit Leopard Can't Change Its Spots")
  • Shitbarrometer: Measures the "Shitpressure" in the air.
  • Shitty City: A city full of shit with Julian as the muscular mayor
  • Shithawks: A big shitty bird that swoops down and shits on people.
  • Shiticane: A hurricane of which shit blows around, caused by a Shitsystem. Mr. Lahey was calling Julian while in the middle of one.
  • Shitnami: A tsunami tidal wave of shit, unleashed to extinguish the shitflames. Mr. Lahey desires to release one on Ricky.
  • Shitidiots: Ricky, Julian and Bubbles
  • Shitiots: Ricky, Julian and Bubbles
  • Shitline: The line, used in the same manner of "crossing the line", as in when someone has gone too far.
  • Shitleopard: Ricky and his unchangeable ways, the term is used by Jim and Erica exactly as "a leopard can't change his spots".
  • Shit Machine Gun: Loads of trouble for the person that "loaded" the weapon. Randy expressed confusion to Lahey's description.
  • Shitmonkeys: Cory and Trevor from the Conky episode.
  • Shitmoths: Shitcaterpillars like Ricky which, given enough time, cocoon and eventually transform into shitmoths.
  • Shitnami Tidal Wave: A wall of water which will engulf Ricky's "Shitflame" and extinguish it.
  • Shitpuppets: A number of people, mostly the criminal element and the "losers" of Sunnyvale Trailer Park that Jim works to get jailed.
  • Shitrats: Bubbles' cats ("Conky")
  • Shitrope: A rope, covered in shit, that criminals try to climb up to avoid arrest. But the tighter you hold on to the rope, the faster you slide down.
  • Shitseeds: These grow into Shitweeds.
  • Shitweeds: These grew from Shitseeds.
  • Shitstorm Troopers: Julian and Ricky.
  • Shitwinds: Also referred to as "the winds of shit".
  • Shitwolf: Crucial piece of evidence needed to send Ricky, Julian and Bubbles to jail. ("Never Cry Shitwolf")
  • Captain Shitacular - Referring to Ricky. Mr Lahey calls Ricky this while he is "raising shit in Sunnyvale again."
  • Captain of the Shitliner:
  • Shit tectonics: Pressure that builds causing a Shitquake.
  • Shitipillars: Jim Lahey's alcohol
  • Shitfruit: The fruit off of a shittree
  • Shitbox: Referring to Julians Trailer or generalizing buildings.
  • Shitmobile: Ricky's car (Also see Shitmobile)
  • Shitstorm: You better bring in the jib before it gets covered in shit.

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