Shitty Bill
Shitty Bill (played by Brian Huggins) is a local scrap metal dealer and occasional associate of Bubbles through his dealings with shopping carts.

Bill is first mentioned by Bubbles as a likely person to haul Ray's sleeper cab to Sunnyvale after his trailer burns down. Bubbles says he got his name as a child when he accidentally 'pooped his pants'. He instructs Ricky not to call him Shitty Bill to his face, but ends up calling him that himself anyway, as they do for the remainder of the series.[1]

On a different occasion, Bubbles and Ray decide to use Shitty Bill as a middleman to deliver scrap metal somewhere in the states. However, the operation ends before it gets off the ground when Ray is arrested in Bangor, Maine for soliciting prostitution.[2] Not too soon after, Shitty picks up the cigarettes the boys received from Sebastian Bach on the Swayzie Express.[3]


Shitty Bill has virtually no speaking lines in the series. He is only seen to grunt and gesture.

Because he spends a lot of his time digging through trash and debris for scrap metal, he is usually seen in a disheveled state and looks dirty.