The Sunnyvale Trailer Park is a trailer park located in Nova Scotia, Canada near the area of Dartmouth, Halifax and Blandford. The park was in operation for some 30-odd years until it was abandoned in favour of Lahey's Luxury Estates by its final owner, Jim Lahey. The park had been considered a good place to live for most of its life, until the final years when the "criminal element", along with Lahey's alcoholism and obsession, spiraled out of control.. just joking


Sunnyvale began sometime between 1970 and1977, when Ray and Tammy signed a 35-year mortgage for a trailer, and Jim Lahey was a police officer who patrolled the park. ("Never Trust A Man With No Shirt On", "The Fuckin' Way She Goes", "You Got To Blame The Thing Up Here", "Jim Lahey Is A Fuckin' Drunk And He Always Will Be", "Halloween 1977") Around this time, Barb Lahey's family, or Barb herself, were the owners of the park. ("Jump The Cheeseburger") Many long time residents of Sunnyvale establish their homes around this time as well, including then-children who are brought in through birth or moving with their parents. ("Never Trust A Man With No Shirt On", "Where In The Fuck Is Randy's Barbeque?", "The Fuckin' Way She Goes", "You Got To Blame The Thing Up Here", "Jim Lahey Is A Fuckin' Drunk And He Always Will Be", "Halloween 1977") Sunnyvale also had a number of Park Supervisors over the course of its history, including Jim Lahey, Ricky, and Randy. (See below for Supervisor information)

Later in 1997, Christmas time the park seems to have aged very little since the Halloween 1977 Footage. It is said back then Ricky, Julian and Bubbles were great friends but for the first two episodes of the show Ricky hates Bubbles. In Trailer Park Boys (1999) Ricky mentions a "Mr. Peterson" several times it is possible that Mrs. Peterson's husband was still alive back then. Ricky has also recently left the park meaning he left in 1998 shortly after the events of the TPB Christmas Special and has become apparent that after he went to jail in the '99 movie he and Lucy along with Trinity lost their big house and moved back in the park.

Ricky states except for those two years, they'd lived in that park their whole lives. Randy had just recently become Assistant Park Supervisor in 2001 along with Lahey. Other than Bottle Kids and some small litter, the park problems are still minor. By the Season 2 opener Lahey has gone on the liquor for the first time since 1997 when Randy leaves him for Lucy because he was turned down for Weekend Supervisor. For Season 2-7 there is major litter and big problems with the park now that Lahey's gone back to the drinking.

In Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys, Lahey now owns the park without Barb having any control over him. It is Lahey's park and by Trailer Park Boys: Countdown To Liquor Day (Movie) it is demolished declaring the end of Sunnyvale with only a few remaining members there who are expected to move out soon, these include: Bubbles, Ricky and the Colin's family. It is unknown if any of them will continue living there but as Lahey ran off to Cuba at its end it's suspected the new park will stay under a new supervisor.

Frigg Off Ricky!!

Park SupervisorsEdit

The park is owned by Barb Lahey, but has seen an ever-changing roster of supervisors. During the first three seasons, Barb's ex-husband, Jim Lahey, was the Trailer Park Supervisor and was assisted by Randy. After they went to jail (thanks to Ricky became supervisor and was assisted by Bubbles. When they lost an extremely fixed wrestling match against Randy and Jim, control taken away from them back to Jim and Randy. At the start of the sixth season, Randy becomes Associate Trailer Park Supervisor at the end of the first episode after evicting Ray. Then after a peace agreement, Ray]] becomes Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor. In season 7, Randy became the Supervisor until he got fired. Ray quit because he got bored of it and became a truck driver (thanks to Bubbles). In episode 10, Lahey resigned from the police and came back as the Supervisor.

Sometime following the Country Dirty Dancing operation, Sunnyvale Trailer Park was left unattended or perhaps abandoned in favour of Lahey's Luxury Estates, a new park built just down the road from the original park.

Known Park SupervisorsEdit

Setting Trailer Park Supervisor Associate Trailer
Park Supervisor
Weekend Trailer
Park Supervisor
Assistant Trailer
Park Supervisor
Temporary Relief Assistant
Trailer Park Supervisor
Dear Santa Jim Lahey (Entire Special)
Season 1 Jim Lahey (Entire Season) Randy (Entire Season)
Season 2 Jim Lahey (Entire Season) Randy (Ep 2 Onwards)
Season 3 Jim Lahey (Until Ep 8)
Ricky (Ep 8 Onwards)
Randy (Until Ep 8) Ricky (Ep 2 Only)
Season 4 Ricky (Until Ep 4)
Jim Lahey (Ep 4 Onwards)
Bubbles (Until Ep 4)
Randy (Ep 4 Onwards)
Season 5 Jim Lahey (Entire Season) Randy (Entire Season)
Season 6 Randy (Ep 1 Onwards) Ray (Ep 6 Onwards)
Season 7 Randy (Until Ep 2)
Jim Lahey (Ep 10 Onwards)
Ray (Until Ep 3)
Randy (Ep 10 Onwards)
Goodnight Jim Lahey (Entire Special) Randy (Entire Special)


The park's age is not made entirely clear throughout the series, as references tend to change with plotlines and dialogue, much of which is unclear and non-specific to begin with. However, most references would put the park around 25-30 years old, suggesting the late 1960s through the early 1970s for Sunnyvales opening. Other references that could go with, or conflict with such lines have seemed to indicate that the boys (Ricky, Julian and Bubbles) have lived inside of the park (aside from their jail times) most (if not entirely) of their lives.

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