In the Sunnyvale Trailer Park, the supervisors trailer is most often the home of the trailer park supervisor and is therefor leased to the Sunnyvale Trailer Park itself.


While being leased by the Sunnyvale Trailer Park itself and being the home of the trailer park supervisor, the supervisors trailer was a figurative title at best, often being given to the one the current supervisor resided in. ("Never Cry Shitwolf", "The Green Bastard", "The Way Of The Road") This has lead to other trailers being the supervisors trailer, while someone else resided in the actual trailer, such as Barb Lahey when the bank repossessed her house. ("The Green Bastard", "Give Peace A Chance") After Jim Lahey and Randy brought Julian's trailer, it was considered to be the supervisors trailer, even though Lahey and Randy were the actual owners. ("Give Peace A Chance", "The Way Of The Road")


The following people are known to have lived within the supervisors trailer, whether it was the actual trailer or one considered as such.

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