Swearnet: The Movie (titled as Swearnet) is a feature film released in 2014, starring Robb Wells, Mike Smith, John Paul Tremblay, and Pat Roach. They, along with John Dunsworth in a brief cameo, portray fictional versions of themselves. Wells, Smith, and Tremblay also reprise their roles as Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian respectively in the mid-credits scene.


After the cancellation of the original run of Trailer Park Boys, Robb Wells, Mike Smith, and JP Tremblay try to pitch original ideas for television programs to the fictional network CNT, but are annoyed by the executives' policies on censoring. The three of them — now joined by Pat Roach — then embark on a mission to start their own entirely uncensored Internet channel,

The mid-credits scene takes place within the fictional Trailer Park Boys universe, in which Wells, Smith, and Tremblay are still the owners of Swearnet, but Ricky, Bubbles and Julian are separate people. The scene — which occurs sometime after Swearnet Live — depicts the six of them meeting in the Swearnet headquarters, and the Trailer Park Boys being offered a contract to continue being filmed. However, Ricky signs the contract without fulling understanding it; he, Bubbles, and Julian had thought that they would be hosting Swearnet, rather than resuming Trailer Park Boys. Additionally, Ricky insists that they be paid nine thousand dollars, even though Swearnet had been prepared to offer them ninety. When the boys exit the Swearnet building, they see the new camera crew. Ricky attacks them in anger, before they all leave.

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