Talk-O is a pet bird owned by a local food vendor named Coconut.


Talk-o eating a piece of weed from Ricky's hand in "Money Can Suck My Cock"

Talk-O is better known as the "foul-mouthed bird", squawking and repeating words such as "Suck My Cock" and "Talk-O likes weed". ("Money Can Suck My Cock") It is assumed Talk-O knows these words because of Ricky.

Talk-O seems to have got away from Coconut at one point, as he is spotted on top of Ricky's trailer. Ricky tries to lure him off the roof with a piece of weed before Bubbles interrupts them for a ride to his community service gig ("Community Service and "A Boner Made with Love"")

Talk-O later ends up in the walls of Ricky's trailer where he is keeping bales of weed. Julian, Bubbles, Ricky, Cory and Jacob try to lure him out using various different methods, but soon Talk-O gets sucked into the gears of the air conditioner and is killed by the compressor, completely destroying it. Ricky, Julian and Bubbles break the news to Coconut and says that Talk-O is a hero. Coconut is confused on how a bird could be a hero, Bubbles explained to Coconut that if Talk-O's devastating death didn't fall upon them, they wouldn't of thought of the idea of turning Bubbles Shed-N-Breakfast into a honey oil refinery in order to save Sunnyvale ("The Super-Duper-Industrial-Bubbles-Honey-Oil-Inater")

Bubbles later works at a Mexican style food stand that he named "Talko's Takeout" in memory of the bird ("Why In The Fuck Is My Trailer Pink?")