Players: Julian, Ricky, Bubbles, Cory, Trevor

This season saw Julian trying to be smart with his new found wealth by turning money gained from his last operation into capital for a new one, and continuing on from there. The idea was to keep increasing their profits and to contribute some portion of money into a fund which will allow them to go on a sea cruise once they have enough. ("Temporary Relief Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor")

Everyone in the crew got on board, but at the end of the season, disaster was the result. Julian's relationship with Officer Erica Miller got in the way of all the operations and ultimately was the sticking point for Ricky when he did not receive his cruise ticket due to a clerical error, but saw that Julian had got Erica one. He is also thrown out of the park by Jim at this point, and decides to go on a crime spree so he can get sent back to jail, not having anywhere else to go. Julian chases him around trying to stop him, but is unable to prevent him from bring a stolen ATM machine back to the park. The machine is then tinkered with, spraying dye all over Jim and Randy. They are all arrested except Ricky who has left the scene, opting out of the cruise to spend more time with Trinity. The rest of the gang go on the cruise in their place, while Ricky takes over the job of park supervisor. ("A Shit Leopard Can't Change Its Spots")

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