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The Dirty Burger logo.

The Dirty Burger is a burger stand created by Philadelphia Collins, his son, Jacob, and Randy.

'Jump The Cheeseburger' publicity shot.

Phil has previously expressed his love of burgers to the park residents. ("Jim Lahey Is A Fuckin' Drunk And He Always Will Be") So he begins this operation and runs it out of a camper that he apparently also lives in with Jacob. He immediately recruits Randy, due to his love of cheeseburgers. ("I Banged Lucy And Knocked Her Up... No Big Deal")

The business does fairly well, largely due to a semi-successful marketing campaign (see logo image) and a 'Jump The Cheeseburger' public event in the park. Randy is to jump his bicycle from a ramp over a giant inflatable cheeseburger, however, he doesn't quite make the jump. ("Jump The Cheeseburger") At some point following this, Randy leaves the business to help Jim Lahey get even with Bubbles, Julian and Ricky. Because Randy left in Jump The Cheeseburger, you can see Randy's face spray painted off the logo in Countdown To Liquor Day.

After the park is relocated down the road by Lahey, the Dirty Burger camper moves to an area of town that is frequented by prostitutes and drug dealers. They also begin to sell liquor (it's unclear if this was a product they offered previously). Consequently, Phil and Jacob are arrested during a mass of arrests at this particular locale. (Trailer Park Boys: The Movie)

Dirty Burger Legacy Edit

Because of the popularity of the show, there are many websites offering (either officially or unofficially) 'Dirty Burger' T-shirt and paraphernalia using the logo of the Dirty Burger featured in the show 


Phil CollinsEdit

Phil started this business halfway through Season 5 with a huge love of cheese burgers that had been explained early in the 5th Season because in Season 4 he was always seen around with different jobs. In Season 5 he is just getting it set up in his camper with help from Randy. In Season 6 it is a small time business with few customers but him and his son are working it. He keeps it throughout Season 7 and moves from Sunnyvale to put it in a bad location in Countdown To Liquor Day here he is arrested.


Randy always loved cheeseburgers and was given a business proposition from Phil, having the both of them become business partners, setting up and running the Dirty Burger. Throughout Season 7, when the Dirty Burger debuts, Randy is a frequent user of marijuana. Due to smoking so much marijuana, Randy could not maintain being occupied with the Dirty Burger partnership, which becomes fairly successful, due to Randy jumping the inflatable cheeseburger at the grand opening of the Dirty Burger. Phil Collins fired Randy specifically because the "sweaty bitch was high" all the time. Randy's message of departure from the Dirty Burger is announced in 'Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys.'

Jacob CollinsEdit

Jacob Collins helped his Dad set the business up in Season 5 and help get the trailer in a good location but wasn't seen working there until Season 6 where he was a small time employee just to help his Dad out. In Season 7 he works with his brother, dad, and Randy and when he is sent missing in the woods Ricky lies and tells his dad he wasn't interested in it which really upsets his Dad. He worked in it until Countdown To Liquor Day where he was arrested with his Dad because of the new location.

Thomas CollinsEdit

Thomas was the only guy who beat Ricky after Ricky picked a fight with him. Many have matched him but never beaten him. While in Seasons 6 & 7 he was never seen working in it, in Jump The Cheeseburger he was in the part of the team working for the Dirty Burger and helped Randy jump the cheeseburger. He only worked there for the one episode then apparently left to go deal with some other business.


Lucy Lucy was just an associate from being the mother of Randys child