The Shit Puppets


April 24, 2005




Mike Clattenburg

Barrie Dunn

Michael Volpe


Mike Clattenburg

John Paul Tremblay

Robb Wells

Mike Smith

Jonathan Torrens


Ricky (Robb Wells)

Julian (John Paul Tremblay)

Bubbles (Mike Smith)

Jim Lahey (John Dunsworth)

Randy (Patrick Roach)

Lucy (Lucy Decoutere)

Sarah (Sarah Dunsworth)

J-Roc (Jonathan Torrens)

Ray (Barrie Dunn)

Cory (Cory Bowles)

Trevor (Michael Jackson)

Trinity (Jeanna Harrison)

Barb Lahey (Shelley Thompson) (credit only)

T (Tyrone Parsons)

Detroit Velvet Smooth (Garry James)

Guest Stars

Cyrus (Bernard Robichaud)

Detective Ted Johnson (Jim Swansburg)

Phil Collins (Richard Collins)

Terry (Nic Adilman)

Dennis (Nobu Adilman)

Terry & Dennis' Grandmother (Fokuko Saito)


Julian steals a load of hash from Cyrus and he vows revenge.

Plot Synopsis Edit


Julian wakes Ricky up to borrow his car and gun, and Ricky complains about having to take care of everybody.

Act One Edit

Trinity comes to remove all Ray's old empties from Bubbles' shed. Julian commandeers Cory and Trevor from Sarah and she protests, but Julian charms her into letting them come. Ricky borrows some of Bubbles' carts and heads over to J-Roc's to repossess the studio equipment he bought with the appropriated drug money, trashing the place in the process.

Ricky gives the studio gear to Trinity as a gift. Sarah says Ricky is jealous of Julian, and meanwhile, Julian listens to Cory and Trevor apologize for what happened as they drive to carry out Julian's latest scheme. Bubbles notices that Lucy got a boob job with her share of the money.

Act Two Edit

Ricky continues to piss Sarah off by his very presence while Lucy is impressed with his gifts to Trinity. They talk about how Trinity is going through some difficulties with misbehaviour, Ricky says he will talk to her, and asks Lucy if she wants to hang out.

Phil Collins helps Lahey and Randy pave a driveway. Ricky asks Bubbles if Lucy looks any different to him, and says he wants to try and get back with her; impressing her by selling hash. He steals Lahey's car and drives to Dennis and Terry's to buy some, and Bubbles follows him, thinking it's going to go badly. Meanwhile, Julian, Cory and Trevor are already there; his intention is to steal their entire stockpile. They don masks, break in stealthily, lock everyone, including Cyrus, in a closet, and take over 100 kilograms of hash, stealing Cyrus' Monte Carlo in the getaway.

Ricky pulls up, sees everyone at the house, and Julian's crew tearing off. Ricky and Bubbles follow them, but Bubbles is spotted by Cyrus who shoots at him. Cyrus now knows who perpetrated the crime and heads off to the trailer park with Dennis and Terry.

Act Three Edit

Ricky confronts Julian about the robbery of his friends, and Bubbles arrives, saying Cyrus saw him leave. Cyrus' crew arrive at the park, firing their guns in the air and mouthing off to Lahey and Randy. Julian, Bubbles and Ricky prepare for a gun battle, and Cyrus arrives. Julian pretends not to know about the robbery. Bubbles doesn't want to get shot, so Ricky tries to negotiate a fist-fight, but Cyrus isn't having it. Shots are fired, but the cops arrive and descend on Cyrus. The Boys play innocent bystanders, and Lahey corroborates their story in an attempt to curry favor with them. Dennis accidentally cops to owning a single bag of hash, and he, Terry and Cyrus are arrested.

Lahey tries to make peace again, Julian brushes him off. They take the remaining hash into Ray's trailer and count it. Their next step is to figure out how to get rid of it and make a killing. Ray refuses to allow them to store the hash in his trailer. He also wants to know what happened to all his empties, and we find out Trinity has become a bottle kid and is using them as her arsenal.

References Edit

Rickyisms Edit

Ricky refers to the recording equipment as speakners and synthensizers.

"I have golds now, and when you have golds, you try to get to those golds..."

"Me, him and you split it 50-50-50."

"Every kid goes through phrases."

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