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The Swayzie Express
The Swayzie Express
This is the name of a model train which Bubbles stole from a model train show in Maine, during the One of their later dope operations. It was an award winning custom locomotive that was built by Patrick Swayzie. Swayzie was often accused of cheating to win his various awards by Sebastian Bach, model railroader and vocalist for Skid Row.

Real-Life Perspective Edit

There is no hard evidence that Patrick Swayze, the late actor, (or indeed Sebastian Bach) had any relationship or interest in model railroading. Likewise, there is no evidence to suggest that the characters in the show are referring to the celebrity Patrick Swayze, and not some arbitrarily made up person who shares his name.*

  • This is blatantly false.  As first seen in Season 4, Episode 'Conky', Bubbles reveals his appreciation of Patrick Swayze that Julian took an unhealthy extreme, at one point dressing in his likeness from Dirty Dancing.  Eventually, Julian can't deal with Conky bringing up Patrick Swayze and blows off Conky's head.  Swayze is referenced again in Friends of the Road when Bubbles steals his award-winning train, which Julian and Ricky decide to use in an elaborate drug-smuggling plan.

In the show, Bubbles is quick to convince Julian, when Swayzie's name is mentioned in his presence, that he isn't talking about 'that' Patrick Swayze. But given that Julian has a deep dislike of being reminded of his 'Dirty Dancing' days, it's unclear if Bubbles is just saying this to avoid an argument.

Also, the name of the train as marqueed at the train show spells the name of the train and as 'The Swayzie Express' (and also the same word in the episode's title), which is inconsistent with the spelling of the late actor's actual surname.

In the real world, the show's producers included a disclaimer at the beginning of each episode where this name is mentioned, indicating that the name 'Patrick Swayzie' as used in the show bears no relation to the actor.

Editor's Note: For the purposes of this wiki, all references to Patrick Swayzie are spelled the way they appear in the context of the show -- 'ZIE' and not 'ZE' -- so as to avoid confusion.

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