The following is an incomplete timeline of events of the Trailer Park Boys.



  • Ray and Tammy put down a mortgage for a trailer in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park.


August 27thEdit

Sometime before 1977Edit

December 25Edit

  • On the last Christmas before Bubbles' parents left him, they had a bonfire together. [1]


  • Sunnyvale Trailer Park is created.
  • Barbara inherits Sunnyvale Trailer Park
  • Jim Lahey marries Barbara.
  • George Green and Jim Lahey become police officers.
  • When Bubbles was age 5, The Hammer angers some men at a legion and he and his wife must leave Bubbles. They arrange for him to live at Julian's Grandmother's trailer with Julian and leave him a present, which Bubbles does not open until 1997.
  • At age 5, Julian's father comes home drunk one night and slips on dog pee. Angered, he forces Julian to kill the dog with a revolver [2].
  • At age 6, Julian's father abandons Julian [3]
  • Randy, who lives in his grandfather's trailer, stops hanging out with Ricky, Julian and Bubbles after Ricky gets peanut butter and Cheez-Whiz in Randy's dinkies and it gets stuck in after being left in the sun.


October 31Edit

  • As children, Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles go trick-or-treating for Halloween in Sunnyvale. They see Jim Lahey with his police car and decide to push the car, but accidentally crash it. Jim confronts them, and Julian splashes liquor on him. Lahey takes Julian's bottle of liquor, when George Green shows up. George sees Jim covered in liquor with a crashed car and believes he is drunk. After a brief scuffle, George puts Jim under arrest.

Sometime after October 31Edit

  • Jim Lahey resigns from the police force.
  • Jim's marriage with Barbara ends in a divorce.

Sometime after 1977Edit


  • As a child, Bubbles and some friends hang out at a farm. The farm owner, Mr. Johnson, sees them and chases them away. When jumping over a coop, Bubbles falls in and is "pecked unmercifully" by the chickens inside. This experience causes Bubbles to harbor a phobia of chickens.
  • In Grade 6, Bubbles makes Conky and takes him around with him everywhere he goes. Annoyed by Conky, Ricky gets drunk, steals Conky and throws him away in a field.
  • Ricky fails grade 6 three times due to being constantly intoxicated.
  • According to Sarah, Julian and Lucy have a brief relationship in Junior High.[4]
  • In grade 7, Cyrus' father gives him a 9 mm handgun.
  • In grade 7, Ricky loses an entire crop of weed to dope-eating insects. [5]
  • At age 13, either Ricky or Julian enter either Ray or Julian's father's car and back in and out of the driveway. They are both punished by their father and are spanked in front of the entire park.[6]
  • According to Corey and Trevor, Cyrus kills another student when he attends reform school.
  • According to Corey and Trevor, 2 years after backing in and out of the driveway, Ricky or Julian begin bragging about the incident.
  • At age 15, Ricky begins growing sideburns and attempts to grow a beard, prompting everybody to call him "Reveen", a reference to Peter Reveen.
  • Lucy meets Julian when they are age 16 or 17. [7]
  • At age 16, Julian and Lucy go to a party, get drunk and eat mushrooms. The next morning, they wake up in a bed, naked, beside each other, and without any recollection of what happened the night before.
  • Randy becomes a male prostitute, and Jim Lahey is one of his regular customers.
  • Jim gets back together with Barbara. He stops being a customer of Randy's prostitution.

1992 or 1993Edit



  • Ricky and Lucy begin their relationship.[4]



Sometime before December 23Edit

  • Ricky is arrested and sent to jail for at least 2 weeks.

Decmber 23Edit

  • 6:48 p.m. - Ricky is released from jail after Julian pays his bail. However, Ricky is unhappy that he was bailed out because he planned to party in jail with the other inmates and jail guards. He is unhappy until he learns that the reason Julian bailed him out was so he could win Lucy back. He gets in a fight with Jim Lahey, which causes Jim's liquor drinking privileges to be revoked by Barbara. After the fight, he talks to Lucy who gives him a list of things he must get for Christmas if he wants to be with her, which he promises under the belief that Santa Claus will get them. He then talks to Ray, promises he will attend midnight mass at the church and wonders when Santa will get the stuff, not realizing he does not exist. Ray explains that he is not real, and Ricky concludes that "Christmas is fucked".

December 24Edit

  • 10:00 a.m. - Ricky sets out to get every item on the list Lucy gave him. He requests Julian's help, and Julian allows him to come steal with him but he must finish his list on his own time. After putting stolen trees away, Ricky goes to a parking garage with Julian, Bubbles, Jamie, Tyrone, Corey, and Trevor and steals from the cars, hoping to find the gifts there. Meanwhile, Barbara finds Randy soliciting prostitution outside of a fast food restaurant and takes him into her trailer in Sunnyvale to stay. Jim Lahey is annoyed by this, because he used to be one of Randy's customers before he re-married Barb.
  • 3:07 p.m. - Ricky manages to get some items, but needs a fur coat. Julian gets Jamie, Tyrone, Corey, and Trevor to steal from a shipment of fur coats for Ricky. Randy explores the park and talks to Cory and Trevor, who accidentally tell Randy that they are stealing Christmas trees. Randy tells Jim, who calls the police on them, but do not arrest anyone due to lack of evidence.

December 25Edit

  • 12:01 a.m. - After failing to steal Christmas trees from a salesman and destroying a door off of the Shitmobile, Ricky, Julian and Bubbles go to midnight mass. Ricky plans to unveil Lucy's fur coat to her there in front of everybody at midnight mass. Meanwhile, Jim gets drunk and cuts the power to every trailer's lights except his to ruin Julian's Christmas lights contest. When the lights go out, Jamie and Tyrone smoke marijuana together. At midnight mass, Ricky asks Corey and Trevor to unveil the fur coat, but they stole from the wrong shipment and instead unveil an arc welder in front of the entire midnight mass. Embarassed, Lucy does not get back together with Ricky and takes Trinity with her back home. Shortly after, Jim shows up to midnight mass dressed up as Santa Claus, drunk, and falling over. Barbara is embarassed by this and demands a divorce, which he secedes to. Ricky delivers a speech about Christmas and goes back to Sunnyvale with Julian and Bubbles to find the power has been cut. They make a bonfire with Jim's Christmas decorations and Bubbles opens a present from his parents he has held onto ever since his parents left him. Inside is a bubble maker and a letter explaining why they had to leave. After reading the letter, they go to the garage for food and supplies.

Sometime after December 25Edit

  • Jim and Barbara get a divorce.
  • Jamie and Tyrone become more urbanized from smoking weed and use the monikers "J-Roc" and "T"


January 2Edit

  • 4:20 p.m. - Lucy resolves to never see Julian or Ricky ever again. Julian gives Ricky the Shitmobile as a gift, though Ricky believes he will never drive it.



3 months before Day 1Edit

  • Ricky and Julian were paid $600 to kill Patrick Lewis's dog Ceasar.
  • In the 3 months prior, Ricky estimates they have tried to kill Ceasar 15 times.

Day 1Edit

  • Julian hires a film crew to film his daily life after a psychic tells him he will die in 5 days. He and Ricky go to a shooting range and get ice cream.
  • 12:00 p.m. - Ricky and Julian meet Corey and Trevor, who ask him for weed, but are denied by Ricky because it is after 9:00 a.m., Julian's deadline for selling weed..
  • After 12:00 p.m. - Ricky and Julian go to a house and kill an animal, because they were hired to do so. Later, they enter another house and kill a black cat. A man in a bike pays them for this. After that, they kill 2 more dogs at 2 more different locations.

Day 2Edit

  • 12:00 p.m. - Fed up with being unable to kill Ceasar for 3 months, they look for him and his owner Patrick Lewis on his lunch hour and find him walking Ceasar. They attempt to take him but Patrick resists and 2 police officers walk up. Ricky tells the officer that Patrick is attempting to solicit prostitution. They arrest Patrick and Ricky and Julian drive away.
  • After 12:00 p.m. - Julian tests Ricky's anger by exposing him to men calling him "Reveen", a nickname Ricky is displeased being called. Julian tests him until another man calls Julian "Patrick Swayze", which makes Julian angry and causes him to drive off.
  • 9:00 p.m. - Ricky and Julian are hanging out in a trailer, and Corey and Trevor come in. They do cocaine in exchange for doing chores for Julian tomorrow. After Ricky leaves, Julian tells Corey and Trevor a story about having to kill his dog at age 5.

Day 3Edit

  • Morning - Julian kicks Corey and Trevor out of his house. Ricky promises Lucy that he will stop working with Julian after 1 more job. They drive to a street and find Patrick Lewis with Ceasar. They attempt to kill the dog, but Patrick has a gun of his own and runs away while firing back. Ricky and Julian return fire and chase him to an tire yard under a bridge. Patrick shoots and wounds Ricky, and Julian manages to convince Patrick to come out. He shoots Patrick and takes Ceasar, aims a gun at him, but is overcome with emotion and cannot bring himself to shoot him. He throws the gun away, and the stray bullet wounds a boom operator. Police swarm the area and arrest everyone there.

Sometime after Day 3Edit

  • Ricky, Julian and Patrick are sent to the Van Allen Correctional Facility.
  • Lucy breaks up with Ricky.


18 Months after Day 3, 1999Edit

Day 1Edit

  • Ricky and Julian are released from prison. At Sunnyvale, Ricky attempts to steal some cigarettes from Gordon, but Jim Lahey and Randy stop him. Julian returns to his trailer, which he left under Corey and Trevor's care. The two explain that Cyrus has moved into the trailer and will not leave. Later, at a convenience store, when Ricky is buying cigarettes, Cyrus instigates a fight between him and Ricky. Back at the park, Julian talks to the Roc Pile and Bubbles. Ricky comes back to the park, only to have Cyrus steal his cigarettes. After this, he goes to Lucy's trailer to stay, but she will not let him. Later, Julian manages to make Cyrus leave the park by calling his bluff about shooting people. With his trailer back, Ricky asks Julian if he can stay, and Julian allows him to stay in the Shitmobile.

Day 2Edit

  • Bubbles comes over and tries to get one of his kitties that Ricky borrowed to protect his weed plants back, but cannot get it back. After a stressful morning, Julian decides to move away from the park and tells Ricky this, who is in disbelief. Jim and Randy visit the two and tell them that they cannot leave because Julian is in heavy debt to the park. Julian tells Ricky he plans to go to community college and demands he gets off his property. He later finds Ricky passed out, and they go into the city to steal car parts for the Shitmobile. J-Roc's friend Joey helps fix the car up, and Julian gives the car to Ricky, who drives Lucy and Trinity around. Jim approaches Julian and says he will waive Julian's debt to the park if he will stay, which Julian accepts.

Day 3Edit

  • With no money and no equipment to grow dope with, Ricky is offered an opportunity to make money by J-Roc as a star in his adult film, "From Russia With the Love Bone". He accepts and gets Bubbles a part in the film as well. During filming, Ricky fails to "perform", and filming is postponed. On the second take, the shot is ruined when Jim, Randy and J-Roc's mother Linda interrupt and take the tape. Jim shows Lucy the tape, and Lucy distances Trinity and herself from Ricky. That night, Julian break into Jim and Randy's trailer and see them dressed up in bondage playing the porno. Julian takes the tape in exchange for his word that he won't say anything about what he saw.

Day 4Edit

  • Julian offers to take care of Mrs Peterson's dog Sparky. Later, Ricky and Julian buy marijuana off of Sam in an alley, so Ricky can make weed brownies. However, Julian forces Ricky to take care of the dog along with his previous promise to take care of Trinity, as he has to go to the DMV. Back home, Ricky finishes making the weed brownies, but Sparky flips the pan over and eats them. To make matters worse, Trinity then accidentally shoots Ricky with his handgun. Ricky and Julian visit Sam Losco to cure Sparky and stitch up Ricky. As payment, they steal a mower from a farmer who owes Sam some money, but Ricky and a soundman are both shot by the farmer in the process. They drop the soundman off at the hospital and Ricky at Sam's to stitch him up again. Julian returns Sparky to Mrs. Peterson, and he gives him a stuffed lion and an N.W.A. CD as a present.

Day 5Edit

  • The Shitmobile stops working just before Ricky planned to take Lucy and Trinity on a picnic, and Lucy breaks up with him over this. She attempts to get with Julian, but after getting advice from Bubbles, Julian hatches a plan to get Ricky and Lucy back together by telling Lucy that Ricky wants to marry her, and convincing Ricky to propose to her. To get money for the wedding, Ricky asks Levi and Desiree for a job, but they refuse.
  • 2:30 p.m. - Julian drives Ricky to the bank to attempt to get a loan, but is rejected due to his criminal history. At the bank, Julian meets Candy.
  • After 2:30 p.m. - Ricky and Julian borrow Corey and Trevor's car to go rob a jewelry store owner's house, so Ricky can get a ring for the wedding. They find a suitable ring, but a young girl calls the police and they have to hastily escape. They are pulled over by the police and Ricky has to swallow the ring, but he manages to talk his way out of trouble. Back in the park, Ricky vomits the ring back out. At night, Ricky finds Lucy sneaking into Julian's house. Lucy tells him Levi changed his mind and hired him as the trailer park's garbageman, and Ricky proposes to her, which she accepts.

Day 6Edit

  • Julian, Bubbles, Corey, Trevor and Levi throw Ricky a stag party for his wedding. Julian also prepares to rob a grocery store later that night to fund Ricky's wedding. They get Ricky drunk at a strip club to the point of passing out to make him unaware of the robbery, and the other five minus Levi begin robbing the store. Halfway through the robbery, Ricky wakes up and enters the store to buy smokes and is ordered to put his hands up by Corey, who is unaware it is Ricky. Ricky fires on him and a gunfight ensues until Julian realizes what is going on and yells for everyone to stop. Ricky shoots the surveillance camera and they escape with the food.

Day 7Edit

  • The next day, Ted Johnson questions Ricky if he knows anything illegal going on. This makes Ricky paranoid, but Julian tells him to ignore it. However, The police pull up during Ricky and Lucy's wedding and arrest Ricky, ruining the wedding. Julian fires his gun in the air so Ricky won't have to spend his time alone.

Six Months after Day 7, 2001Edit

  • Ricky and Julian are interviewed by the camera crew. They mention that Ricky has taken a break with Lucy, and that they both only have 45 more days in jail to go.


18 Months after Day 7, 2001Edit

Day 1Edit

  • Bubbles picks up Ricky and Julian, who have been released from jail. They tell Bubbles about Freedom 35, their plan to smuggle dope into jail via guards, who sell it to the prisoners to make big money and allow them to retire. To fund the grow op, they head to the mall to steal car stereos in the parking lot. They are confronted by Gary the mall cop, but Ricky talks their way out of it. At the park, Ricky and Julian see the park has become dismal, and Bubbles explains that Lahey is responsible. Ricky learns Lucy did not take a break with him and instead broke up, brought Trinity to her mom's and moved in Randy's trailer. Meanwhile, Julian sells the car stereos to J-Roc for hydroponics gear, and buys a car from him for $150 a month. Unfortunately for him, Ricky decides to get a real job and quit growing dope for Julian to get Lucy back. He gets a job as a mall security guard, who is responsible for bringing shopping carts back up a hill. This conflicts with Bubbles' business of stealing carts from the hill and reselling them to different malls. Julian gets Ricky fired by having Corey and Trevor plant a stolen car stereo in the Shitmobile's trunk and telling Gary. Reluctantly, Ricky decided to grow with Julian.

Day 2Edit

  • There is an election being held in Sunnyvale for Trailer Park Supervisor after Lahey failed to watch over Sunnyvale and let it turn into chaos. Sam Losco is the opposition to Lahey, running to spite Ricky and Julian after they made him lose his veterinarian practice for stitching Ricky up, which a vet cannot do to people. He is now heavy in debt and living in a camper. Concurrently, Sarah informs Ricky, Julian and Bubbles of an airstream trailer that would be good for growing dope in, but it belongs to Lahey. Julian makes a deal that he will help Lahey win the election and get back together with Randy if he can have the trailer, which Lahey agrees to. The boys enlist Corey and Trevor to clean Lahey up in time for the election, and they also call Channel 10 to cover the election. Julian convinces Randy that Lucy is only with him to make Ricky jealous, and that he should see Lahey when he makes his speech. He then gets J-Roc to buy him shrooms. At the election, Lahey crashes his car into a fence and is almost arrested for DWI, but George Green is convinced by the boys to let him make his speech before they take him away. Before Sam's speech, Julian puts the shrooms in his food, and he subsequently gets accused of being on drugs in the middle of his speech, ruining his chances. During Lahey's speech, when he sees Randy showed up to support him, he gives a riveting speech which is met with applause. He promises to make Randy weekend trailer park supervisor. Lahey ends up winning the election.

Day 3Edit

  • Freedom 35 has turned out to be much bigger than originally anticipated, with an order for 20 pounds of dope from the prison guards, so Ricky and Julian need to get more hydroponics gear. To do that, Julian decides to set up a nightclub at J-Roc's trailer while his mom is in Moncton. To fund it, he sends Corey and Trevor to steal a van and break into a warehouse while the boys attend Randy's birthday party. They steal the van, but cannot locate the warehouse, so they drive back to the park to get Ricky to help them. Meanwhile, Treena Lahey arrives at the park to visit her parents, Jim and Barbara, and Jim worries she will be negatively influenced by them. At the warehouse, Corey and Trevor trip an alarm and Ricky runs in to help them, accidentally shooting himself in the foot, but they get away with the supplies. Back at the park, Treena meets the boys and Ricky thinks she's pretty cool considering who her father is.
  • Night - The night club is set up and opening night is successful. Eventually, people start to notice that it was all guys in the club, and Corey and Trevor tell Julian that they handed out their flyers at a gay club, The Empty Closet. Eventually, Randy and Jim enter the club and shut the club down. Jim calls the cops, but Randy deals with them in exchange for making Randy look like a good supervisor in front of Jim. After that, Treena gives Ricky pepperoni and they become friends. Julian uses the earnings from the club to buy hydroponics gear from J-Roc.

Day 4Edit

  • Ricky and Julian ask Bubbles to loan them a cat to protect their dope plants from squirrels. Their dope is also infested with dope-eating insects. To make matters worse, Ricky also has to focus on getting his grade 10, but Julian tells him he has to focus on growing before he tries for his grade 10. Meanwhile, Bubbles is concerned for his cats when Sam tells him that they have the onset of rabies. To deal with the insects, Treena suggests that they find a book on horticulture to fix the problem. Ricky and Julian get a book from the library and it says to quarantine the plants and to use ladybugs to combat the spider mites eating their plants. They quarantine the 6 unharmed plants in Bubbles' shed and Ricky improperly wires the lighting. Bubbles is away, and learns that his kitties are becoming sick from eating Sam's garbage. While Ricky, Corey and Trevor are out collecting ladybugs, the improper wiring causes Bubbles' shed to burn down. Bubbles returns and finds charred hydroponics gear, realizing it was Ricky and Julian's fault, and angrily walks away. Ricky and Julian lament that their last good plants burned in the fire. Bubbles tries to get revenge on Sam for leaving his garbage out for his cats to eat by hitting him with a slingshot and trying to fight him. Ricky and Julian help him to convince Sam to clean up his garbage.
  • Night - Ricky puts the ladybugs on the plants being eaten by spidermites and says they are working. They wait for Bubbles to show up to hang out with them, but he doesn't show. Instead, he decides to live in J-Roc's van for 12 bucks a month, where he stays for the night. Treena comes to visit him and gives him a bubblemaker.


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