Trailer Park Boys The Movie
Trailer Park Boys The Movie


April 1st, 2006







The movie was created in 2006 shortly after the TPB Season 5 Finale The Shit Blizzard and takes place before the season 6 opener Way Of The Road. People more commonly know this film as Trailer Park Boys The Big Dirty. Also the reason the camera definition getting alot better starting Season 6 was because of the high money profits from the Trailer Park Boys Movie. Also this was the first Trailer Park Boys production that DVS did not appear in since the episode Who's The Microphone Assasin? He left without explanation and his last appearance was in The Shit Blizzard when Tyrone, J-Roc and DVS run off saying they don't use guns and DVS never returns. In Canada the film was rated the same as all the TPB episodes but in USA the film was rated R for nudity.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Julian plans to steal money from an automated teller machine (ATM) to make money. He gets his two best friends, Ricky and Bubbles to help him succeed in the operation and get rich. However, the plan does not go according to plan and they are chased by the police force. Bubbles runs off and is spared by the cops while Ricky and Julian take the arrest and go to jail for an 18 month sentence.

Donny, the jail instructor, kicks Ricky and Julian out of jail 26 days early in order to prevent Ricky from playing goalie for a rival team, giving Donny and his team a chance to win an upcoming jail hockey tournament. Ricky and Julian are picked up by Bubbles and Ricky's father, Ray and brought back to Sunnyvale Trailer Park, only to be greeted by the trailer park supervisor, Jim Lahey and his shirtless, cheeseburger loving assistant, Randy.

Ricky decides to get back with his girlfriend Lucy and be a better dad to his daughter, Trinity. However, Ricky learns from Sarah that Lucy got a new job at a strip club and she got new breast implants and her boss, Sonny, the owner of the club is a dangerous man. After leaving the strip club, the boys decide to do The Big Dirty, a crime that will allow them to retire from their criminal lives.

Julian and his new girlfriend, Wanda, go to the movies on their first date. Waiting in line, Julian finds a money machine filled with change and thinks he found the Big Dirty and informs Ricky and Bubbles of the plan.

Ricky returns to the strip club and discovers that Lucy and Sonny banged twenty-eight times, enraging Ricky and forcing him to leave. As a party at J-Roc's trailer ensues back at the park, Ricky listens to April Wine as Lucy arrives and says that it was a lie and she only had sex with Sonny five or six times. Ricky proposes to Lucy at J-Roc's party and she says yes, then showing her boobs in front of all the people.

Lahey destroys Bubbles' shed and tells a fib to Barb Lahey that Ricky, Julian and Bubbles' lot fees are un-paid and are forced to leave. To keep themselves in Sunnyvale, the boys do the Big Dirty at the movie theatre, but things go wrong when Cory and Trevor pulling the fire alarm, but they succeed in escaping, accomplishing the Big Dirty.

At Ricky and Lucy's wedding, Sonny confronts them both with a handgun and shoots at Ricky's car as the money falls out through the gunshot holes. George Green and Ted Johnston arrest Sonny and Wanda and leave, but Lahey finds the money falling out of the car and tries to chase the boys to capture them. Lahey and Randy flip their car and the cops crash into Ricky's car, causing the money to fly out.

In court, Ricky demands Lahey should use a breathalyzer to see if Lahey is drunk or not. Lahey is revealed to be drunk and the boys are claimed innocent by the judge. The prosecutor also remarks that since there is no evidence of the money being taken illegally, he grants that the money will be return to the boys. Victorious, Ricky tells off Lahey but the prosecutor threatens to put Ricky in jail for a week for telling off Lahey. Ricky then asks Lucy and Trinity if he can go, which they allow him, leading Rick to tell off the whole court and is arrested for one week to play in the hockey tournament, along with Cory and Trevor. The team succeeds in winning and Cory and Trevor become the highlights of the prison after pantsing Donny in front of everyone, embarrassing him and making Cory and Trevor popular.


Trailer Park Boys The Movie

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