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Trailer Park Boys 1999

Trailer Park Boys (1999)

Trailer Park Boys is a film produced that is considered to be the spiritual "pilot" of the television series. The film is centered around small-time felon Julian who, after learning he is going to die within a week hires a cheap documentary crew to document his life. The movie also introduced the characters Ricky, Lucy, Trinity, Cory, and Trevor. It was filmed entirely in black and white. Originally meant as a standalone project, the movie didn't gain any notable popularilty. However, network executives noticed the potential for a television series to be made, based off of the events set in motion by the movie. 


It opens up with the beginning theme song that they still have until this day, although a little longer in duration. The camera crew shows up at Julian's door, and he welcomes them in nicely, unlike he does later in the show. He had just woken up, and has a messy house. He has not matured like he has in the show. He shows off his car to pass some time. Unlike in the show, Julian fires off his gun carelessly before he goes to pick up his partner Ricky.

Julian listens to a phone message from Ricky, and you can hear Lucy in the background fighting with Ricky. She is angry that Ricky is talking to Julian, so Ricky tries to pretend that he is talking with a customer. He then picks Ricky up with Trinity really young asking Julian questions saying she doesn't think her mom likes him. Unlike in the show when she asks him for a cigarette he hands her one. After a lot of fighting with Lucy Julian picks him up and explains he got the camera crew because he think something's going to happen to him and he wants to show people not to follow his path.

Lucy explains that Ricky and Julian grew up together in the park and Ricky always hung out with Julian so he started to take a liking into Ricky and they hung out together and Lucy says recently they've been in and out of jail alot. She says she went out with Julian when she was about 16 but they both say they hate eachother now. He says Ricky's first girlfriend was his 16 year old date Lucy. It was after Julian and Lucy broke up and Ricky got engaged with her.

Act IEdit

and his dog keep escaping them meaning they don't get paid for that dog.

It then shows Patrick Lewis with his dog, Patrick is a character who's actor will later be playing shirtless Randy. They try for the "15th time" according to Julian and they both get the cops involved, saying there trying to kill his dog while ricky says he's a prostitute. They say they've got about 6 customers that want the dog dead so they'll be getting paid 5 times what they normally are paid. After a huge fight in a car ride about Ricky telling off Julian, a teen calls Ricky Raveen while there back in Sunnyvale. Danny gets his first line which is a character that'll be heard in the show and yells that Ricky is Raveen. Cory & Trevor say everyone calls him that because he looks like Raveen.

Julian makes Ricky calm down but when Danny calls Julian Patrick Swayze he gets mad. Cory, Trevor, Ricky & Julian then start hanging out at their house. Ricky goes to meet his cab and says peace boys but when he's leaving the house Trevor calls him a fucking dick.

Act IIIEdit

Julian is drunk with Cory & Trevor and tells them of a story about a Dad who made his son shoot his own Puppy after he slipt in dog piss. It is unknown if this was his Dad because he was abandoned as a kid. During his story he actually fires off his gun at his wall. Ricky then announces it's his last day working with Julian making Lucy happy. Ricky is also afraid if he goes to jail AGAIN Lucy will leave him. They walk around the corner and see Patrick and Julian pulls out his gun and Ricky is the responsible one in this unlike the show and tries to get him to put it away which really doesn't work. They start firing at him willingly shooting someone down to the ground while doing it.

They chase him to some abandoned area neverminding the fact they just shot someone. Ricky is looking and Patrick comes out and shoots him down. The three start a huge shootout until Julian pins him down. He comes out and Julian shoots him, while he falls down on the ground. Julian gets the dog making a huge dramatic scene he can't shoot it and throws his gun backwards and it fires shooting the soundman. The cops show up with everone swearing at eachother and the two film crew members and everyone else is arrested.

They show themselves in jail later and there sentence is 16 months. They say they played the film in the courtroom. Julian says although he didn't die he thinks his life has been put on pause. This seems to be the turning point for Julian where he finally becomes as mature as he is in the show while Ricky stays the same. 

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