One of J-Roc's songs



How many times have you sat out on the deck
Gettin' wrecked
Waitin' to collect a check?
Knowin' that's as good as life is ever gonna get
Knowin' when you're from the park
It's in your blood
It's in your sweat
Had some doubts and bets about insanity
Is it society or is it just vanity
That makes me plan to be the man that I plan to be?
Instead I can't see the forest
(Where's the forest at?)
Right in front of me
For the trees
It's a social disease and all them other MC's are on my back like fleas
(Get off me!)
J to the R-O-C is so hard
O.L.P. ain't even gettin' royalties from me
Help my fuck!
They're gonna come get me?
Steal a whole album worth of samples cuz they'll let me
Stole a diamond ring to make my girl my wife
That's trailer park life

Doot doot doot doot doot doot ...

Raine Maida

Pool in the backyard
The kids play
They're only ten but actin' hard
All day
Cuz the apple don't fall far
From the tree
Whadja think?
They grow up and write their S.A.T's?
Be Gretzky's?
Race jetskis professionally?
Naw dawg!
For that you need opportunity
And in the park when opportunity knocks
Open up - it's the cops!
(Get the fuck down!)

Lemme tell ya cuz it's dam hard to thrive yo
When everywhere you turn
You're confronted by the Five Oh
Denied though
The right to be a saint
Don't ask me if I'm with that shit
Cuz I ain't
They found ten grams
Seized my wick
And took my knife
That's trailer park life

Doot doot doot doot doot doot ...

(Yeah Raine Yeah I got that letter from your lawyer. I ain't payin'! fuck that dawg!)

Another sticky day in Sunnyvale
Julian and Ricky cold busted outta jail
First off to the LC to buy their rum and cokes
Rollin' around in the Shitmobile tryin' to bumb smokes
Back to the park always theirs to reclaim
(Yo what's up J-Roc?)
I'm at the top of my game
(J-Roc remember the time you directed that porn?)
I had my shirt off my shit out but kept the lights on
(No J-Roc the porn that you made)
Well the suckers got sucked and the playas got played
(That's the one)
I'm still kickin' it
You know that I've been though
From 6th floor school book depository window
Sprayin' rhymes on the grassy knoll down below
It's a sin though
That suckers can't see
My rhymes are the branches
And I am the tree
The shit is dope B
Ain't got no candy
So you best get out my eyes before I take you down like Bambi
My rhymes are harder than that big ol' gut on Randy
My joints are tighter than the nerves of Mr. Lahey
I jack my chips from Trevor and Cory
(Hey gimme a chip!)
Walk a mile in my Nikes and feel the pain and strife
That's trailer park life
(Trailer park life)
Doot doot doot doot doot doot ...

That's trailer park life.

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