The use of guns is an extremely common thing in the Trailer Park of Sunnyvale Trailer Park, Nova Scotia. It is usually done by Ricky but there have been quite a few countable occasions when the gun firing is done by Julian or even a different trailer park resident altogether. Even outside the park the boys are constantly firing off guns creating scenes Sarah states if it weren't for guns their plans would go perfectly, although in later episodes this was proved false.

Julian has stated on occasion that he feels the use of guns (or 'firepower') is simply to frighten people into submission with, rather than hurting them. Indeed, whenever someone (usually Ricky) gets hurt, Julian calls an end to the battle by declaring "someone's hurt over here!" Bubbles seems to share a similar view, when he once stated that he prefers to shoot over people's heads to scare them.

Gun play is the source of most of Ricky's injuries

Episodes With Use Of GunsEdit

*=There were actual gun FIGHTS 

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