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  • Djpurity000

    Season 12 Spoilers

    March 31, 2018 by Djpurity000

    Howdy folks, one of the admin's here and I've been gone for quite some time due to some crazy health issues, but I am making my way back.

    It's that time of year again, season 12 is here! That means I'll have to be on some close watch for people planning to spoil.

    It's great that you learned new information, however, wait exactly one month before posting them. 

    "But why can't I? That's what the wiki is for!"

    1. Because anytime you make a new edit, people subscribed to the page will see what you wrote, because it goes to their email. Chances are, they haven't seen the new season yet, and you completely ruined it. Don't be a dick.

    2. Because it's just a dick move.

    3. People have families, work, hobbies, etc. Give them some time to watch it.

    What you…

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  • Djpurity000

    If you had the choice, who would you have had come back to Season 8 and 9? Cory or Trevor? 

    For as much as I dig Cory, I would have to choose Trevor. I find it more hilarious when everyone picks on Trevor, because he plays a pussy really well. (Probably because he is one in real life, fuckin' alien cinnamon twist lookin fuck chicken)

    I am interested in hearing everyones answer and reason. 

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