This article is a guide to using references on the TPB Wiki.

References Edit

Whenever possible, site a reference for what you write in any article. Just like Wikipedia, everything you say has to be proven somehow, and easily verifiable. This rule disallows you from writing things that are based on opinion, conjecture, assumption or whimsy.

With that said, anything written on an article that is not referenced adequately will be challenged, appended with a citation request, or removed (if it is way out in left field).

Referencing TPB Canon Edit

A numbering system has been set up to easily reference episodes, specials and movies. You can view the list here. The final column in the table contains the number to be referenced, and the formatting for a reference is below:


which will generate:

("I'm Not Gay, I Love Lucy... Wait A Second, Maybe I Am Gay")

("Dear Santa Claus, Go Fuck Yourself")

(Trailer Park Boys: The Movie)

The parenthesis '( )' are just containers, but everything in between them is the reference code.

Note that you can also cite more than one reference per type on a single line, but mixing episodes specials and movies together in a reference requires a different format:

({{Movie|2}}, {{Special|1}})

("Mrs. Peterson's Dog Gets Fucked Up")

(Trailer Park Boys: The Movie, "Dear Santa Claus, Go Fuck Yourself")

Whenever possible, please don't use the WikiMidia 'ref' system of referencing, as it makes 'footnote' style superscript that messes up the line spacing on articles.

When writing a single episode article, you do not need to provide a reference to anything that is contained within that episode. You only need to reference things that are external to the article you are writing.

Referencing will be especially useful when you are writing articles about actors, characters or other articles that focus on topics which span more than a single episode.

Referencing External Sources Edit

You can also provide reference to information contained outside this wiki, and this will be useful when writing articles about actors, crew or any number of other topics.

The following is a brief example list of sources that would be considered valid information sources, but use your own judgement:

When referencing any of these sources in an article, whenever possible try to generate a link which can be followed and verified, but if that is not possible simply provide a text reference with as much detail on the source as can be obtained.

Unlike episodic referencing, there is no easy way to make a reference other than using the 'ref' tag, which is formatted like this:

Dunsworth says the popularity gained through Trailer Park Boys
has allowed him to tour and was "financially beneficial."
<ref> The Sarnia Observer, Article ID# 2551327</ref>

This will generate a footnote that will appear at the end of your article, but it won't unless you first add this code to the end of your article:

== References ==

So, the whole thing will now look like this (see bottom, too):

Dunsworth says the popularity gained through Trailer Park Boys has allowed him to tour and was "financially beneficial."[1]

If you don't want to use this method, you can also reference within an article's main body by providing a link this way:

Dunsworth says, [ in a Sarnia Observer article], that the popularity 
gained through Trailer Park Boys has allowed him to tour and was "financially beneficial".

Which looks like this:

Dunsworth says, in a Sarnia Observer article, that the popularity gained through Trailer Park Boys has allowed him to tour and was "financially beneficial".

Note in the above examples that all links have a web address, followed by a space and followed by a link description. The wiki engine assumes that any text following a space after a link address is the 'link text', and that you don't want to have the web address shown.

References Edit

  1. The Sarnia Observer, Article ID# 2551327

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