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Hoooly i hate Trinity.... Like i don't even understand how she is still on the show, my god she was annoying as a tiny gangsta, bottle wielding pimp who shot Ricky! But now the days of re-watching Trin ask Ricky "Dad can i take the caar to the stoore?" are definitely over. Now she looks as if she belongs in the trio of the 3 tier Shit Dykes instead of rollin hard as fuck with Bubbles and the boys. This fatty jut complains about her shit family (who's fuckin awesome) and taking care of the Motel all the goddam time. Like shut the hell up! Grab a cock of pepperoni and chill oot with your bullshit Trinity. I swear too, she couldnt even convince a 6/10 Lahey that she cared when Ricky died. I hope to god that she never becomes a bigger player in the show, i couldnt take watching her fattass lying around talkin about how she wants to keep her family together. Even Sarah is better than this sack o trash.

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